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Since 2007 Kings Truffles have been successfully infecting tree seedlings with truffle spore that are tested to ensure top quality infection rates. Many of these truffle trees are now producing truffles and with the number of truffle trees supplied to growers throughout New Zealand this number is only to rise. Kings Truffles have not only supplied other growers throughout New Zealand but infect trees for planting on their own blocks, perhaps the best proof of their confidence in the standard of their trees.

Available combinations: Perigord Black (Tuber Melanosporum) on either Holm Oak (Quercus ilex) and Common Oak (Quercus robur)

Current Pricing

All trees are priced at $52 + GST

Volume Discounts:
10 to 99: $48/tree + GST
100+: $43/tree + GST

Full payment will not be charged until the trees have been positively tested. This is usually in March each year. If the nursery needs to hold your order for any length of time then 25% deposit may be charged. Final payment is due at the time of the collection, or dispatch, of the trees.

Usually a client will have a consult or discussion with the Kings Truffles team and place an order for their required trees then, payment arrangements will be agreed on at this time to suit both parties. Kings Truffles infect your trees to order, you will have time to prepare your site for planting and then the trees are ready for dispatch for an autumn planting or if preferred the following spring. This ensures that everything in the process is targeted to your site and its needs, resulting in a faster and better production of truffles in the long run.

The Process

This involves obtaining tree seed and truffle inoculant from Kings Truffles producing truffiere in North Canterbury, from other truffle growers in New Zealand, and from Europe where necessary or appropriate. Where possible we are starting with both truffles and trees with a track record of local success. The truffle inoculant is always prepared to minimise the risk of contaminant fungi entering the inoculant mix.
 The seed is sown and when the appropriate size is reached the root is then infected with truffle.
The containers used are deep and encourage a strong root system with minimum distortion of the roots. They are grown on raised benches; avoiding any contact with the ground and encouraging any emerging roots to ‘air prune’.

The Trees

Kings Truffles grow the trees until the root system, complete with mycorrhiza, is suitably developed, plus the top of the tree is of a sufficient size and is well hardened.

Nonetheless, the trees would be considered small for planting in a normal situation, being only 10 to 30cm tall. The nursery tree height at dispatch is directly related to the natural vigour of the species in its first growing season. However, the advantages of getting the infected tree in the ground at your place as soon as possible outweigh any disadvantages of planting small. To get around this, we encourage you to only use tree species that are hardy for your site, and suit your soil and climatic conditions. You need to take as much care in selecting your tree species, as you will your truffle species.

Testing Your Trees
Terms and Conditions

Email Jax with any questions you may have to make an order: contact@kingstruffles.com

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