Uses for Truffle Butter

Uses for Truffle Butter

I love butter and this love is only made stronger when it is our truffle butter! Because of the high fat content butter is able to be infused and hold the flavour of the truffle extremely well. It keeps well in the fridge and if you happen to be able to make it last that long, it will freeze well too.

Another reason that I go on about it, is how easy and versatile it is to use. These are just some suggestions of uses that we like in our household but by no means is it an exhausted list!! 

  • Melted onto freshly popped, still warm pop corn
  • Melted over a corn cob
  • Smothered generously onto warm or toasted bread
  • Fresh baguette and butter... need I say more!
  • Melted over a steak while resting (chicken, crayfish, scollops and mild fish are also amazing)
  • Mixed through mashed potato
  • Mixed through fresh pasta to serve 
  • Spread into a pastrami sandwich or warm burger
  • Melted through scrambled eggs just before serving 
  • Spread on toast with a fried egg on top
  • Sauté leeks and mushrooms then add the truffle butter to serve (this is also good added to the fresh pasta)
  • For my 2, and very lucky, young children spread onto Cruskits ;)

What are some of the ways you use it? We would love some new and creative suggestions.



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