Selling Truffles - Get Paid!

Selling Truffles - Get Paid!

I speak from learning the hard way that not all customers are created equal!

It is all very exciting finding your first truffles and often they are consumed in celebration for a while before the thought of selling them even crosses the mind. When that time does come there are some matters that should at the very least be considered:

  • Will you request for payment up front before sending the truffle?
  • Do you need Terms of Sale to be sighted and signed by the customer?
  • If invoicing the customer will interest be charged if payment is not met by the due date?
  • What is your returns policy?
  • Remember that truffles loose weight everyday out of the ground so make sure to allow for this when sending overnight.
  • Does the customer prefer a completely dirt free, washed truffle or dry brushed with a little soil remaining?
  • Check that the courier is delivering when they say they will and if a signature is required for the package that there is actually someone there to sign for it at the other end!
  • Ask for feedback! Was the truffle in good condition? Were the ice packs still frozen? Did it turn up when stated? Was the flavour and aroma of a high standard?

Don’t get me wrong the majority of customers are great and really excited to receive fresh truffle and pay promptly on delivery. But unfortunately there is always the few isolated cases that need to be planned for.

Customers and chefs will have different requests and it is important to make sure you discuss these before sending any truffle. Often, if there is clear communication from the start, there are no issues at all. All of the above suggestions are small things but can be the difference between a smooth sailing sale or not getting paid at all. And after waiting several years for the first harvest and pay cheque I know what I would prefer!

Jax Lee, General Manager, Kings Truffles

Don’t want the hassle of marketing your own truffle? Get in touch with Jax to discuss the option of Kings Truffles acting on your behalf. Already supplying top chefs throughout the country as well as about to start exporting in the 2016 season direct to the USA and Hong Kong.

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